DARIAH-CY is part of DARIAH-EU, the paneuropean Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. Cyprus is among the seventeen member countries of DARIAH network.

DARIAH-CY activities are aligned with those of the European Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities DARIAH-EU (www.dariah.eu).

As part of this transnational research community network, DARIAH-CY promotes and raises awareness about digital humanities through culture. DHRLab is the ambassador of DARIAH in Cyprus. The lab is devoted to research on the digitisation, archiving, and promotion of cultural heritage, tangible and intangible remains of our cultural past. Our lab team consists of research scientists and doctoral students, engaged in collaboration on a national and international level with relevant institutions and public sectors.

Our Cypriot Research Infrastructure Network for Arts and Humanties:


How it works: The idea of an evolving network

The objectives of the DARIAH-CY members is to contribute to the creation, preservation and sharing of digital services and resources, to benefit from a common core of assets and expertise and to promote the practices of sharing open data and services.

The idea of an evolving network lies on the DARIAH-EU notion of open participation for everyone willing to contribute and support digital research for arts and humanities.

Our network: