What is DARIAH

DARIAH is the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. It is being established as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (DARIAH-ERIC), a European legal entity.

The grand vision of DARIAH is to facilitate long-term access to, and use of, all European Arts and Humanities digital research data.

The DARIAH infrastructure is a connected network of people, information, tools, and methodologies for investigating, exploring and supporting work across the broad spectrum of the digital humanities.

Researchers can use DARIAH to:

  • find and use a wide range of research data from across Europe
  • exchange knowledge, expertise, methodologies, and practices across domains and disciplines
  • ensure that they work to accepted standards and follow best practices
  • experiment and innovate in collaboration with other scholars 


The core strategy of DARIAH is to bring together national, regional, and local endeavours to form a cooperative infrastructure where complementarities and new challenges are clearly identified and acted upon.

For more info: dariah.eu


The necessity for National Digital Network for Arts and Humanities: DARIAH-CY

The introduction and increasing growth of Information and Communication Technologies and digital research methods have raised awareness in the field of Arts and Humanities. This calls for the development of research infrastructures and networks among them in order to facilitate the exchange of expertise and access to knowledge resources from the related fields and disciplines. The establishment of methodological and technological standards as well as best practices in handling and managing huge amounts of affiliated data is also vital.

Humanities and their methodological research approaches vary depending on the thematic, temporal and geographical context. Therefore, it is crucial to develop individual national sub-networks for the Arts and Humanities in correspondence with the European ones. In this way there will be added value to the true trans-European digital arts and humanities research area.

The basic activities carried out by researchers and practitioners in the digital Arts and Humanities are presented below. Data is at the core of the activity graph.